Countless payment options in a second with Eatcard Pay

Payment connected with reservation and the POS system. Setting up payments for your store or online shop has never been easier, fully tailored to your needs. You can also allow customers to pay anywhere in your restaurant. Simplify your payment experience and choose success!

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Features designed

specifically for you

Growth with Eatcard revolves around payments. Here are the benefits of Payment Table Order for your restaurant.

  • Gear

    Easy setup of payments

  • Opties

    Various transaction options available

  • Presentation

    Traceable payments

  • Betaal middel

    Direct deposits to the bank

  • Good

    Attractive transaction costs

  • Connectie

    Partners such as Multisafepay and Worldline

  • Betaal middel

    Diverse payment options available

  • IDeal

    iDeal payment via mobile and kiosk

Waiter pro

Pay anywhere with Waiter Pro

Eliminate the need to repeatedly walk to the cash register for payments. Save energy and allow your customers to pay directly at the table with Waiter Pro.


Diverse payment options

Whether you’re using the handheld waiter app, a card reader, self-ordering kiosks, a self-hosted webshop, or an Eatcard reservation module, all mentioned and more can theoretically serve as a payment channel for your store. With simple integrations or website plugins, you can effortlessly and securely enable your customers to make payments.

Why wait any longer?

Enhance your financial control with Eatcard

Payments under your supervision, directly added to your bank account, without the involvement of a third party holding your funds for a certain period. Attractive transaction costs, not exceeding 20 cents per transaction. With trusted partners like Multisafepay, Eatcard operates securely. We collaborate with reliable partners such as Worldline to ensure all your payments are set up correctly.


Business Types

What kind of restaurant do you have?

Choose your business type and see our recommendations for you

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All You Can Eat Concept

We have a secret ingredient to make the dining experience even better.

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Fine Dining Concept

At our place, it’s all about creating an unforgettable dining experience.

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Quick Service Restaurant

Transform your quick-service restaurant into a well-oiled machine with Eatcard!

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Hotel business

Discover how to help your guests create an unforgettable experience.


Special Occasions

Automated transactions

Provide your customers with a clear cancellation policy, allowing them to request a refund of their prepayment with just one click. This applies to the Eatcard Webshop as well, where incorrect orders can be easily refunded to the customer. Prepayments are automatically deducted from the total amount during payment. Your colleagues can fully focus on ensuring a smooth payment experience for customers.



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