Self Order Kiosk

Boost your Revenue with Kiosk

The Digital Helper you need who is going to be there 24/7. Increase your revenue with timely prompt on up-sell and cross-sell items.

Self-service is widely preferred to ordering at the cashier because it gives the customer more freedom to explore, time to choose, and detailed information. Moreover, it reduces queues and frees up your team’s time for more customer service and food preparation.

Lower your personnel costs

With extra time and more space in the budget, you can now focus more on marketing, expansion, and other developments.

Faster customer service

Forget about long lines and unsafe social distancing situations. A Kiosk minimizes face-to-face interaction and crowding in the queue.

No more mistakes and lost tickets

The orders from the Kiosk appear immediately on the POS system, and are directly printed out in the corresponding departments of your venue.