Takeaway System

Online takeout orders on your own website

Start offering takeout meals directly from your own website. Update and edit your menu in real-time, track all sales from your own webshop without commission on your orders.




Features specifically for you

Takeout: Growth with Eatcard takes center stage. Here are the benefits of the Takeout options for your restaurant.

  • Takeaway

    Offer takeout options on your own website

  • Gear

    Edit menu in real-time

  • Omzet&presentatie

    Track revenue without commission

  • Connectie

    Smooth user experience through integrations

  • Betaal middel

    Retain earnings from sales

  • occasions

    Plan special takeout promotions

  • Good

    Promote without extra costs

  • Platform

    Easy online ordering and payment

Why wait any longer?

Manage your own takeout restaurant with Eatcard

Eatcard assists you in establishing your own takeout restaurant, allowing you to offer dishes directly from your website and keep the revenue for yourself. Be the boss of your own takeout meals.


No technical knowledge required

At Eatcard, we understand that technical knowledge isn’t a given for everyone. Our customer service is ready to guide you through the setup of your takeout restaurant in just a few days. With their expertise, they ensure your takeout business launches quickly and seamlessly. Whether you’re new to the online takeout world or just want to get started quickly, we make it easy.

Business Types

What type of restaurant do you have?

Choose your business type and see our recommendations for you

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All You Can Eat Concept

We have a secret ingredient to make the dining experience even better.

Business type huisjes-08

Fine Dining Concept

At our place, it’s all about creating an unforgettable dining experience.

Business type huisjes-04

Quick Service Restaurant

Transform your quick-service restaurant into a well-oiled machine with Eatcard!

Business type huisjes-02

Hotel business

Discover how to help your guests create an unforgettable experience.


Online platform

Order and pay online

Enjoy effortless ordering and payment through our platform. We take care of all necessary integrations to ensure a seamless experience. Your guests can easily navigate, order, and securely check out, while you focus on growing your business.



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