Eatcard Waiter

Your pocket size POS

Your pocket size POS that you can carry anywhere. Features include guest check-ins, iDeal transactions, putting through orders, entering reservations, and live service prompts. All essential features possible on POS now in the comfort of your hands.

Guest check in

See the entire reservation list of the day of your choosing, check-in reservations in real time. Check-out, edit or put on “No-Show” by a press of a button.

Taking Orders

Enter any dish, drinks, or supplements from the palm of your hand. Real time insights on the current orders from any table.

Instant payment

The Eatcard Waiter can also function as a Pin Device that accepts standard payment methods, through a QR payment request. You will not need additional pin devices.

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One Ecosystem to Support all your Hospitality Needs and Tasks. Fast and seemless Startup AND… Ease off Switching.
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