About Eatcard

Eatcard aims to change the way we interact and use technology within Hospitality. By using data and new technology to connect merchants and its patrons. At the same time by creating a platform where valuable insights are created and data is collected to better tune in behavior of the markets. A software that will help entrepreneurs improve and optimize their processes, which then results in more time left and higher profitability.

Together we innovate

Our strength lies in our exceptional development base. We strive to make all hospitality systems easy, and listen closely to your needs.

One platform & ecosystem

Use our modules as the building blocks of your own brand’s management system and easily access your information through our platform.

Smart technology

Eatcard adds value with its smart integrations to make your work easier. We are proud of our cutting edge AI & Machine Learning implementations for the Eatcard platform.

Vision & Mission

Our Mission is to connect and empower guests and merchants all over the world. By giving both patrons and merchants the opportunity to connect and exchange in a seamless digital fashion. We try to achieve this by creating one platform that incorporates the use of A.I., Machine Learning, Big Data, and Data Science in a way that would entice everyone involved to rediscover their enjoyment with the Hospitality sector.

We strongly believe in our vision, where we stand and what we can achieve together. Success depends on what you believe in and it starts with the thought that -you can-. That is why we set the bar high and continuously challenge ourselves. We like to do what we do very well. We are continuously working on the best solution for our customers.

The technology partner

We provide everything you need to optimize and manage your operations flow to get more time and profits. We supply you with hardware, software, and connect you to our intuitive platform.

Outstanding customer support

We respond to your requests promptly and give help on every step. Personal approach guaranteed.

A Message from our CEO, Wing TND

Eatcard CEO Wing TND discusses the state of hospitality and his vision for the industry in the future.

“Ever since I was young I had the vision to contribute and help the world to become a better place. It is through my passion and fascination in technology that helped me realize the role and its immense power of technology that can help facilitate the advancement of mankind. Technology that can change in this world we live in, and change the way how we are living now.

One of the most valuable moments people share are the opportunities where you get to come together with family and friends around the dinner table. The very reason why eating together is such an important occasion in our culture. These are the very occasions that I cherish so much in the company of my family and friends”.

The combination of the above mentioned two elements is the driving force and foundation of Eatcard, and the very reason how Eatcard became to be. A platform that has the mission to help merchants and its patrons to better understand each other. Help both parties connect in a more efficient and efficient way, help collect and store the very important information that is being exchanged between these two parties. Then in its turn, facilitate and utilize this very same information to improve the workflow and the bottomline of Merchants. While at the same time with the goal in mind to improve the experience of every single patron while they have their food moments with their loved ones.

One platform to
power your entire
hospitality business