Signage menu

Discover the magic of looking, choosing,
and ordering

Easily customize your menu whenever it suits you with our dynamic digital signage menus! You have control over what your guests see in a clear and tailored menu. Make an immediate impression and enhance your guests’ dining experience!

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Features tailored just for you

Grow with Eatcard. Here are the benefits of signage menus for your restaurant.

  • order

    Manage it from any location

  • Betaal middel

    Saves on the printing of physical menus

  • Opties

    You can adjust prices instantly

  • Probleem

    Fewer errors due to clear display of dishes

  • occasions

    The opportunity to instantly add special offers

  • Overal te gebruiken

    It enhances hygiene and aligns well with modern needs

  • easy & fast

    Speeds up ordering and reduces wait times

  • Talk_cloud

    Showcases prominent news, events, or loyalty programs

Why wait any longer?

Ordering with your eyes, because images speak louder than words

With our innovative signage menu, ordering becomes a visual adventure. You don’t just choose from a list; you see what you choose. Additionally, in the backend, you have full control over all information and settings.


Visual temptation with our image-rich signage menu

Never hesitate about your choice again, as our signage menu instantly reveals how your dish will look, allowing you to order quickly and fully savor your meal.

Business Types

What type of restaurant do you have?

Choose your business type and see our recommendations for you

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All You Can Eat Concept

We have a secret ingredient to enhance the dining experience even further.

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Fine Dining Concept

It is all about creating an unforgettable dining experience

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Quick Service Restaurant

Transform your quick service restaurant into a well-oiled machine with Eatcard!

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Hotel business

Discover how to help your guests create an unforgettable experience.

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Instant Price Display

Order and decide with our menu screens

Your customers gain instant insight into the prices of dishes. With our menu screen, you can immediately see the cost of each dish, allowing you to effortlessly choose what best suits your taste and budget. No surprises at checkout, just clear choices.



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