Streamline your business activities with POS

Gain insight into your revenue and reservations from one central location, fully cloud-based




Features Specifically for you

Eatcard helps you grow. Here are the benefits of the POS system for your restaurant

  • Gear

    Automatic updates and no extra cost

  • Omzet&presentatie

    Detailed comprehensive statistical insight

  • Kassa

    Excellent performance for your counter

  • Booking

    Comprehensive insight into reservations

  • Update

    Customizable and adaptable layout for personalization

  • Betaal middel

    Manage all products and prices

  • Personal presentation

    The bill can be split

  • Overal te gebruiken

    See your own layout on the POS

Eatcard POS-systeem

Discover what the POS system can do for you

Manage your sales, operational processes, and customer experience with an all-in-one intuitive system. It’s multifunctional and helps you make smart business decisions, regardless of your size or style

Gain complete statistical insight

All data is automatically collected and linked to all your devices. Access key information and receive suggestions for improvements

Business Types

Which business type do you have?

Choose your business type and see what we recommend for you

Business type huisjes-07

All You Can Eat Concept

We have a secret ingredient to make the dining experience even better.

Business type huisjes-08

Fine Dining Concept

At our place, it’s all about an unforgettable dining experience.

Business type huisjes-04

Quick Service Restaurant

Transform your quick-service restaurant into a well-oiled machine with Eatcard!

Business type huisjes-02

Hotel business

Discover how to help your guests create an unforgettable experience.


Special feature

Excellent performance

Latest hardware specifications to make your work fast and efficient. Always up-to-date with no extra costs.


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