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So the nightlife has been given a second life. Good news obviously!
That is why this is the perfect timing to give new technologies a try

Ready to reopen your bar in style

It has been a very tough few years for the nightlife industry.
So the need to come out strong out of the gate is higher than ever.

Bar Display System

The Eatcard Bar Display system is the most intuitive and efficient Bar Display to date. It is the ideal virtual assistant you want next to you behind the bar. A barhelp that will organize and keep track of all your orders.

High resistance to pressure

Regardless of the number of tickets that get ordered within a minute, the Bar Display system is there to help you organize them. The bar can at any moment change the order of tickets or rearrange orders with a simple swipe.

Save time

The Bar Display System is an assistant that takes care of all your orders and special requests. The bar staff have all the information they need at a glance.

High accuracy

Forget about unreadable texts on your bar receipts and avoid all communication errors. There is always a precise description per dish per table.

POS System

Manage your sales, operational processes and customer experience with an all-in-one intuitive system. It’s multifunctional and helps you make smart business decisions. No matter your size or style.

Eatcard Order Status Screen

If you have your cocktails or mixtures to go as an offering,
the Eatcard Order Screen will help out if you operate in a high-traffic area.

scanning qr code in restaurant

QR-Bar Order

Every order that is put through the QR-Bar Order will appear immediately on the POS system and will be direct to the respective printers behind the workstations at the bar.

Order overview

Let the Barhelp mix and match the same drink per specific display.

Eatcard Dashboard

Get an accurate insight into the team’s performance and receive suggestions to improve your preparation time. You can also see the spending habits of your most loyal guests.

Only the relevant

Send the orders automatically to the correct preparation stations at the desired time. This improves logistics in your bar and staff workflow.

One platform to
power your entire
hospitality business

We recommend these
modules for your business

Our chosen modules for your business are:

  • POS System
  • QR-Table Order
  • Online Booking
  • Kitchen Display System
  • Bar Display System
Starting from € 200,45

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POS System
Self Order Kiosk
QR-Table Order
Takeaway System
Online Booking
Kitchen Display System
Eatcard Waiter
Bar Display System

One platform to power your
entire hospitality business

Our goal is to improve the way we interact with each other through the use of technology within the hospitality business. We are here to help and to advise you about our solutions that suit your company the best possible way.