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Do you often lose receipts or have mysterious bills? Eatcard provides valuable insights into guest preferences, allowing clubs to make strategic decisions to increase revenue.

“Guests can now effortlessly order and enjoy their evening.”

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Features specifically for you

Eatcard helps you grow. The benefits of our innovative software for your Club or Bar

  • kiosk

    No more long queues with the Self Order Kiosk

  • QR

    Easy, fast, and secure ordering with QR-table Order

  • Platform

    A platform that connects all systems together

  • Takeaway

    Add the Takeaway widget for takeout orders

  • Update

    Easily update and edit your menu in real-time

  • Kassa

    With the POS system, you can easily manage orders and payments

  • Planner

    With the Eatcard Planner feature, you’ll have no more empty tables

  • Omzet&presentatie

    Insight into the revenue and performance of all your restaurants on one platform

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5 overwegingen voor ondernemers om technologie te adopteren

Have you become curious?

How technology can help you

Discover why it’s time for the hospitality industry to embrace technology! We discuss five reasons why technology is the right choice.


Frequently asked questions

Some frequently asked questions

  • Yes, with Eatcard, you gain insight into all your branches

We recommend these modules for your business

Our selected modules for your business:

  • Pos-Systeem
  • QR-Table Order
  • Reservering
Starting from € 188,00

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Self Order Kiosk
QR-Table Order
Takeaway System
Kitchen Display System
Waiter Pro