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Like an oasis in the Sahara desert

Here is a scenario that might sound familiar. It’s the busiest hour of the day. All the ticket printers are firing on all cylinders.
Both the bartending staff and the kitchen staff are busting their behind to ensure that everything is up to standard
and got sent out with the most consistent quality. In the near distance, someone spills a tomato soup over some tickets that were laying around.
The waiting staff is picking up the phones near every minute, as your loyal customers are checking if they can secure the final seat you might have. Meanwhile, a queue is slowly forming at the front door to be checked in by your host. Oh, and by the way, the 180grams Black Angus Steak just got sent back, because we did not receive the proper instructions on how to prepare it to the liking of the guest.

Now imagine a world where everything has been automated. A world where all orders are processed and put through accordingly without any details forgotten. Your kitchen workstations just receive what they have to prepare and notify the waiting staff with a push of a button. Guests can check themselves in and order right away from the proper digital menu card. All orders are processed and accessible within one single ecosystem.
One single digital platform where you have an overview of all processes within your operations.

Online Booking

Customers can make their bookings at any time of the day, from any device, providing convenience for both sides.

Ticketing System

Your guests can make a reservation in advance to be sure of a table in your restaurant.

Table Management System

Let Eatcard A.I. give suggestions for achieving the highest utilization of your capacity.

Smart Table Fit

Check in each table with our Eatcard AI. No more empty seats from now on.
Always go for the maximum capacity.

qr ordering system layout

QR-Table Order

With QR-Table Order, you can skyrocket your productivity. Get a digital menu, work with an ‘All-you-can-eat’ and ‘A la carte’ concepts, allow your guests to check-in and pay through their mobiles.

Eatcard POS System

Manage your sales, operational processes and customer
experience with an all-in-one intuitive system.

eatcard pos

Takeaway System

Collect and manage all your delivery and takeaway orders in one place automatically, increase your delivery times, and work more efficiently.

Eatcard KDS

In the fog of war is the kitchen floor. The Virtual Assistant in the kitchen that you wish to have by your side.
The most intuitive and efficient kitchen system yet.

Save time

Thanks to the intuitive design, the kitchen staff can now finally focus on the actual cooking! The Eatcard Kitchen Helper is an assistant organizing all your orders and special demands and predicts your inventory usage rate per station.

Significant accuracy

Forget about unreadable scribbles on your kitchen chits, and avoid all the communication errors. Fewer mistakes, no more lost tickets or forgotten food preferences. There is always a precise description per dish per table.

High-pressure proof

Direct the orders to the right food preparation stations automatically, and at the right time. This improves your kitchen logistics and the workflow of your staff.

One platform to
power your entire
hospitality business

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  • POS System
  • QR-Table Order
  • Takeaway System
  • Online Booking Premium
  • Kitchen Display System
  • Eatcard Waiter
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POS System
Self Order Kiosk
QR-Table Order
Takeaway System
Online Booking Premium
Kitchen Display System
Eatcard Waiter
Eatcard Rider

One platform to power your
entire hospitality business

Our goal is to improve the way we interact with each other through the use of technology within the hospitality business. We are here to help and to advise you about our solutions that suit your company the best possible way.