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We offer a unique reservation feature for your website. With the AI Smart Fit Planner, you can ensure you reach your maximum capacity every day. Additionally, newly canceled tables are automatically released and filled.

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Features specifically for you

Eatcard helps you grow. Here are the benefits of the AI Smart Fit Planner for your restaurant

  • Kassa

    Easy to integrate into your website

  • Overal te gebruiken

    You can make a reservation at any time

  • occasions

    Make use of special occasions

  • Table

    It automatically fills every table

  • Allergie

    Specify criteria per table

  • Omzet&presentatie

    Suggests improvements for maximum occupancy

  • Good

    Canceled tables automatically disappear

  • Updates

    The latest updates are immediately available

Why wait any longer?

Book when it suits you

Guests can reserve a table at any time of the day and from any device, providing convenience for both parties

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Optimize tables, entertain guests and enjoy

As soon as a guest makes a reservation through the Smart Fit Planner, these reservation details are immediately displayed in app.eatcard. This allows you to receive real-time information about the number of guests, the selected time zone, specific table preferences and any other relevant data.

Business Types

Which business type do you have?

Choose your business type and see what we recommend for you

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All You Can Eat Concept

We have a secret ingredient to make the dining experience even better.

Business type huisjes-08

Fine Dining Concept

At our place, it’s all about an unforgettable dining experience.

Business type huisjes-04

Quick Service Restaurant

Turn your quick-service restaurant into a streamlined operation with Eatcard!

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Hotel business

Discover how to help your guests create an unforgettable experience.


Special Occasions

Smart Dining with the Smart Fit Planner

All data is automatically collected and linked to all your devices. Access key information and receive suggestions for improvements. Take advantage of special occasions and surprise the birthday person or the graduate.


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