Hotel Business

You need everything to be streamlined, efficiently executed with the least amount of waste. All Data and information need to be communicated correctly and stored properly. Eatcard helps hotel (chains) facilitate these solutions.

Reliable Partner

Running a successful hospitality business is rather challenging in today’s climate. But running a successful Hotel Business in today’s market proves to be a different animal entirely. That is why you need a reliable partner that you can spar with on a day-to-day basis, who is able to help you facilitate and offer solutions to ease your burden.

Online Booking

Customers can book a room or table at any time of the day, from any device, from anywhere, providing convenience for both sides.

Ticketing System

Your guests can make a reservation in advance to be sure of a room in your hotel.

Room Management System

Let the Eatcard A.I. give suggestions for achieving the highest utilization of your capacity.

Smart Room Fit

Book in each room with our Eatcard AI. No more empty rooms from now on. Always go for the maximum capacity.

QR-Room Order

With QR-Room order, you can allow your guests to order room service, and have the order get straight into your Kitchen Displays or POS. Get a digital menu and update your items in real time, allow your guests to check-in and pay through their mobiles.

Eatcard POS System

Manage your sales, operational processes and customer
experience with an all-in-one intuitive system.

One Dashboard
to Capture it All

Eatcard Solutions are all interconnected with and to each other. The Eatcard Ecosystem captures all solutions and features within one platform.

One Platform

Use Eatcard solutions as building blocks to further improve your business operations. At the same time have the ease to have access to all your data and insights of all sales information.

The technology partner

Eatcard is here to take care of all your operational processes and to optimize your organizing of all businesses. In turn, your staff will have plenty of time to focus more on what they do best to provide a better service. All required hardware and software will be installed with the intuitive Eatcard Platform.

Smart technology

Partnering with Eatcard technologies will always yield you a positive ROI. With its smart integrations and interconnectedness of all solutions, yield a very cost-efficient workflow for the whole business.  A cutting-edge technology that incorporates AI, Machine Learning, and Big Data with all solutions within the Eatcard platform.


Full statistical overview

All data received will be stored in the cloud, and put through to all Eatcard hardwares. Get access to valuable insights about your business, and receive reports on how to improve your business.

One platform to
power your entire
hospitality business

We recommend these
modules for your business

Our chosen modules for your business are:

  • POS System
  • QR-Table Order
  • Online Booking
  • Kitchen Display System
Starting from € 191,95

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POS System
Self Order Kiosk
QR-Table Order
Takeaway System
Online Booking
Kitchen Display System
Eatcard Waiter
Eatcard Rider

One platform to power your
entire hospitality business

Our goal is to improve the way we interact with each other through the use of technology within the hospitality business. We are here to help and to advise you about our solutions that suit your company the best possible way.