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Experience lightning-fast hotel service through QR orders now! Let your guest order from their room with a single scan. Fast, easy and seamless

“With Eatcard, we can focus on delivering exceptional hospitality while technology takes care of the rest.”

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Features specifically for you

Eatcard helps you grow. The benefits of our innovative software for your restaurant

  • kiosk

    No more long queues with the Self Order Kiosk

  • QR

    Easy, fast and secure ordering with QR-table Order

  • Platform

    A platform that connects all systems together

  • Takeaway

    Add the Takeaway widget for takeout orders

  • Update

    Update and edit your menu easily in real-time

  • Kassa

    With the Point of Sale (POS) system, you can easily manage orders and payments

  • Planner

    With the Eatcard Planner feature, empty tables are a thing of the past

  • Omzet&presentatie

    View all your restaurants’ turnover and performance on one platform

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Take a look at what Eatcard can do for your business. In this video, you can almost taste the magic of Eatcard.

Breng je eetervaring naar een hoger niveau

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Where technology and hospitality meet

A glimpse into a restaurant with Eatcard, we invite you to join us on a journey where innovation and culinary excellence converge. Discover how Eatcard creates the dining experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Frequently asked questions

Some frequently asked questions

  • Yes, with Eatcard, you gain insight into all your branches

We recommend these modules for your business

Our selected modules for your business:

  • Pos-Systeem
  • QR-Table Order
  • Reservering
  • Kitchen Display System
Starting from € 196,50

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Self Order Kiosk
QR-Table Order
Takeaway System
Kitchen Display System
Waiter Pro