QR-Table Order

Table ordering with Dine-in

Your customers can order from their table by simply scanning a QR code

With QR-Table Order, you can skyrocket your productivity. Get a digital menu, work with an ‘All-you-can-eat’ and ‘A la carte’ concepts, allow your guests to check-in and pay through their mobiles.

No more lost tickets and faster customer service

The orders from the QR Table immediately appear on the POS system, and are directly printed out in the corresponding departments of your venue. Anything the guest desires will be communicated to the right staff members right away.

All the features you need

Several people at the table can add items to the order independently of each other, call the waiter and pay from their mobile phones.

All You Can Eat
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One Ecosystem to Support all your Hospitality Needs and Tasks. Fast and seemless Startup AND… Ease off Switching.
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