Are you ready to reopen your restaurant?

It’s safe to say everybody missed eating out, and all the eateries are already preparing for a strong comeback. At first, we might need to follow safety regulations as we did at the beginning of the pandemic. So minimizing interaction between the members of the staff and the customers will be a question of creativity.

Make your work easier

QR Table Order might be the solution for you if you are looking to prevent problems such as:
  • Customers receiveing the wrong order
  • Order served to wrong table
  • Long waiting times
  • Tables lack attention, or the opposite
  • Mistakes while re-entering orders on the POS
  • Customers leaving without paying due to long waiting times

No more mistakes and lost tickets

The orders from the QR Table immediately appear on the POS system, and are directly printed out in the corresponding departments of your venue.

Faster customer service

Anything the guest desires will be communicated to the right staff members right away.

All the features you need

Several people at the table can add something to the order independently of each other, call the waiter and pay from their mobile phones.

Attractive digital menu

Provide as much information as you wish to the guest, so that they get a better impression about the menu items.

Your own branding.

Set up your own branding visible in the browser. The customer interface is quick and easy to edit.

Add your own images and content, and it is online just within a few clicks. No need to send anything over to us and wait days for updates.

Choose what your guest sees.

Up- and cross-sell, make promotions and place advertisements in just a few clicks and with no additional costs. Place products under the “most popular” and other categories, change the order of appearance, add extra options, and much more.

The added value that comes with Eatcard is the numerous marketing features that help you sell on every step of the way.


per table

10 min

by allowing people to
order from the table,
you save on average
10 minutes per table



60 %

according to a recent study, 60% of shoppers would visit a limited service concept more often if self-service solutions were available.


service time

20 %

by introducing a mobile ordering system, the service time decreased on average by 20%

We help our customers innovate with our automatic catering system.
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