Easy to give, nice to receive

Personalized E-Giftcards open up a new digital revenue stream, providing your guests with a convenient way to purchase your service and give it as a gift to a friend.

Offer exceptional service

Gift vouchers are a clever marketing tool, allowing you to reach customers that you would usually not reach. Moreover, the receiver will certainly use it making the giftcard highly targeted.

E-Giftcards enable much more functionality than traditional vouchers. Start offering digital giftcards and stand out from the crowd!

Convenience for you and your customers

Personalized E-Giftcards allow you to make extra profit online and acquire new customers. The perfect solution to keep going in times of lockdown.

Your own branding

Set up your own branding and give your giftcard a unique feel. Our customer care helps you to create your E-Giftcard in just a few days.

Fully integrated system

The E-Giftcard barcode is generated within the Eatcard platform, so you can access all it’s information online via the Eatcard dashboard from any device.

Instant updates

Update your own images and content, and it’s online within just a few clicks. No need to send anything over to us and wait days for updates.

Get more sales

Acquire new customers as your frequent visitors buy your services as a gift for their friends. Utilize one of the most efficient marketing strategies in the industry and do it smartly.

Geolocation Prompt

The geolocation prompt reminds your customer that they have yet to spend your E-Giftcard when they are passing by your restaurant.
This works with enabled mobile notifications.

Easy Bookkeeping

Forget about writing out a printed giftcard, keeping track of the voucher numbers and the vouchers that have already been used. Bookkeeping is now done automatically and completely online. This also makes it easier for your customers to give the E-Giftcard as a present to someone else.

We help our customers innovate with our automatic catering system.
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