In the fog of war is the kitchen floor

It’s rush time, go time, wartime! All the pans and fryers are fired up on all cylinders. The kitchen staff is busting their behinds to get the best food out as quickly as they can. Your printers are shooting orders like there is no tomorrow. It’s the real-life pressure cooker – the kitchen. It’s on the chefs and the sous-chefs to diligently sort out every order while taking note of all separate demands and allergies.

Save Time

The Eatcard Kitchen Helper is an assistant organizing all your orders and special demands. The kitchen staff will have all the information they need at a glance. Thanks to the intuitive design, the kitchen staff can now finally focus on the actual cooking!

The same goes for the inventory upkeep. The Kitchen Helper also predicts your inventory usage rate per station.

Significant Accuracy

Forget about unreadable scribbles on your kitchen chits, and avoid all the communication errors. Fewer mistakes, no more lost tickets or forgotten food preferences. There is always a precise description per dish per table.

High-Pressure Proof

No matter how many orders per minute the kitchen receives, the kitchen helper is there to organize them for your kitchen staff. During busy times, you can use your KDS to move, prioritize, and even redirect items to a different kitchen station. Don’t miss anything: the system alerts your kitchen staff when the orders have been in the queue for too long.

One platform

The order will go from the phone of the customer directly to the appropriate kitchen display.

Orders summary

Allow the Kitchen Helper to summarise the same dish per specific display.

Eatcard Dashboard

Get accurate insight on the performance of your team, and suggestions to improve your preparation time.

Only What’s Relevant

Direct the orders to the right food preparation stations automatically, and at the right time. This improves your kitchen logistics and the workflow of your staff.

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