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Undo check-in/check-out and more new features LIVE

On the 9th of September, several new features were released for the Eatcard POS, waiter, and web environment. Learn how to use them here!

14 September, 2021

First of all, make sure you have the latest version of the Eatcard software installed. If you have any questions about this, you can always call us on our support line +31 (0) 73 303 90 08.

Undo Check-in and check-out

Firstly, the function that has been most requested is finally live: you can now undo checked in and checked out tables. Mistakes and accidents happen to both restaurant staff and their guests. If you or your guests have accidentally checked out or checked in before it’s time, it’s possible to restore the changes without problems. You can only undo check-ins when there were no orders placed yet on the table. You can only undo check-outs up to 3 times.


To undo check-ins from your POS, first of all, go to the table to which you want to undo the check-in and click on the reservation of interest. You can do this from the dashboard or the planner.

Click on the button next to the Table number as shown below, and you will see the details of this reservation.

If the table is already checked-in, you will see a button “Undo Check-in” below.

To undo table check-outs, go to Orders on the left side menu. Click on Order Status and select “Checked-out” to show the checked-out orders.

Click on the reservation that you would like to undo. Below you will find the button “Undo Check-out”. You will also see how many times you can still use this function.

Waiter’s App

For the waiter’s app, you can undo check-ins in a similar manner by navigating to the reservation details.

Go to your tables and select the reservation you need to edit. If your table has been checked in, you will see the button “Undo Check-in”. If your table has been checked-out, you will see the button “Undo Check-out”.

Browser app (backend)

To do this in the web application, log into your account on Go to the reservation of interest, you can do this from the quick navigation on the start page, but also on the planner tab.

If your table has already been checked in, you will see a button “Undo Check-in”. By clicking on the button the changes will be active immediately.

If your table has been checked out too early, you can undo this by clicking on the “Undo Check-out” button in the same menu. You can only use this function up to 3 times on one table, after that the table will remain checked out and the button will disappear.

Comments per product in Dine-in and Takeaway

When placing an order, your guests can now leave comments per product. This is a great function if your guests have specific requirements. For example, they can ask for honey with their tea or an extra lemon piece with their drink.

To enable this function, go to Apps on and click on Digitale Menukaart. In Instellingen, activate the switch “Enable per product comment in Dine-in” and/or “Enable per product comment in Takeaway”.

Don’t forget to click on Opslaan to save your changes.

Your guests will be able to leave these comments from the Dine-in environment (QR ordering) or Takeaway (website ordering). If you’re using the Waiter’s app (handheld), your waiting staff can leave comments per product while taking the orders.

Those comments will be visible to the kitchen staff and appear on the receipts or KDS.

Other updates

A lot of other minor updates have been added to the system.

For safety reasons, manager PIN code is now required to perform the “On the house”, “Discount”, and undo functionality.

Table PIN code is visible on the POS and Web environment. The Gastpin is used to check into a table.

Apart from the abovementioned, there were some UI and stability improvements, as well as bug fixes. Below are all the release production notes for this update.

POS Release Production Notes: 1.0.145

  1. Added user pin (store manager) for on the house, discount and undo functionality
  2. Undo check-in / check-out functionality
  3. Undo check-in / check-out and edit order ui changes for count
  4. Italic comment per product
  5. Added version number in products json
  6. Added version number below user details in left side on screen
  7. Added functionality to save user’s current pos version and change when updated
  8. Solved checkout issue in some cases for custom cash payment
  9. UI changes and improvements
  10. Solved custom split issue
  11. Added clear cache button
  12. Solved table change and name issue when table changed
  13. Minor bug fixes

Waitress app Production Version Release 1.3.00

  1. Added New Design to display comments in Order History Page and Final Checkout Page.
  2. Undo Check-in and Check-out functionality implemented.
  3. Minor UI updates (edited)

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