Satisfying Payments

Setup any payments for your store or webstore to your liking has never been this easy before! This regards Prepayments, refunds, ticket sales, personalized e-gift cards, and automatic booking on payments on the bill. Payments are fully integrated and easy to track real-time, all with a clear dashboard of financial insights of your payments.

Payments that are within your oversight and directly get added to your bank account. Without the interference of a third party that would keep your funds for a certain period of time. Attractive transactions cost no more than 20 cents per transaction. With trusted partners such as Multisafepay. Eatcard operates securely with trusted partners such as Worldline in order to set up all your payments correctly.

Multiple Payment Channels

Whether you are on your handheld waiter-app, or pin device, self-order kiosks, or a self hosted webshop, or reservation module from Eatcard. All of the above and more can theoretically be used as a payment channel for your store. Through simple integrations or website plugins allow your customers to pay securely without friction.

Portable Payment Devices

Long queues in front of registers so customers can pay and be checked out are a thing of the past in your store with Eatcard. Any waiter with the Eatcard Waiter app on their handheld functions as a portable pin device. Once payment is fulfilled the table can be checked out directly from your handheld.

Mobile Ideal Checkout

With the Eatcard QR-Table Order you allow your guests to pay their bills from the comforts of their own smartphones with “iDeal” pay. No longer do they have to wait to be helped in order to pay. Successful payment will be shown on the Waiter-app Handhelds, and thereafter be checked out.

Automated Transactions

Provide your customers a clear cancellations policy, so they can get their prepayment refunded with one press of the button. The same option holds for the Eatcard Webshop, where incorrect orders can be refunded to the customer. Any prepayment will be automatically deducted from the total bill when paying. Your colleagues will have the best time performing the payment process with the customers.

One platform to power your
entire hospitality business

Our goal is to improve the way we interact with each other through the use of technology within the hospitality business. We are here to help and to advise you about our solutions that suit your company the best possible way.