Online Order Management

All orders in one place

Collect and manage all your delivery and takeaway orders in one place automatically, increase your delivery times, and work more efficiently.

Only pay monthly: no transaction costs

Improve your delivery time, receive higher ratings on delivery apps, get more clients.
Get going without any worries.

Put an end to retyping
all your tickets

With our Online Order Management system, you can forget about monkey business and get to actual work! Let our automatic system collect the orders from all your delivery partners, as well as your own webshop on one screen in a clear overview.

No technical knowledge needed

Our customer care helps you to set up your takeaway in just a few days.

Fully integrated system

Orders coming from all your third-party delivery partners and your own webshop on one screen, linked to the Eatcard platform and the kitchen printers.

Online direct chat

Discuss the orders with your guests in our built-in online direct chat room.

Catch them all

You’ll be surprised how much time and money you will be able to save with an automated Order Management System. Reduce the human error down to zero, and switch your focus back to the customer.

Get more sales

Generate more turnover for less time and cost.

Instant updates

Determine your own delivery costs, edit the prices, menu items, and make any other updates instantly.

Get full statistical insight

All data is collected automatically, linked to all your devices. Access the most important information and get suggestions for improvements.

One platform to power your
entire hospitality business

Our goal is to improve the way we interact with each other through the use of technology within the hospitality business. We are here to help and to advise you about our solutions that suit your company the best possible way.