Online Booking

Optimize occupancy smartly

A customer journey starts with making a reservation. We offer a unique reservation widget for your website that makes your catering facility stand out to guests. With the AI Smart Fit planner, newly canceled slots are automatically made available and filled so that you can reach your maximum capacity every day.

Online Booking

Allow your customers to make their bookings at any time of the day, from any device. Customers can make their bookings at any time of the day, from any device, providing convenience for both sides.

Smart Table Planner

Optimize your turnover, leave your guests satisfied, and grow with confidence. The AI Smart Table Planner ensures that you fill every seat. The system will fill the empty slots automatically, and suggests points for improvement to always maximize occupancy. Specify criteria per table, set priorities for areas and sections, amount of people, time zones, and more.

Measure your success easier

All data is collected automatically, linked to all your devices. Access to the most important information and get suggestions for improvements at any time.