Smart Fit

Running a busy venue, and don’t have time to keep track of the cancellations and new bookings? With the AI Smart Fit planner, newly canceled slots are automatically made available and filled so that you can reach your maximum capacity every day. Start making the most out of your tables and increase your revenue.

All booked

The system will fill the empty slots automatically, and suggest points for improvement to Always maximize occupancy.

For exclusive venues

Ticketing Sales allows you to arrange bookings when limited spots are available and supports tiers and bidding to maximize your potential revenue.

Online direct chat

Discuss the reservations with your guests in our
built-in online direct chat room.

Complete customer journey

Waiting List utilizes SMS notifications to inform your guests about newly available slots.

Advanced settings

Specify criteria per table, set priorities for areas and sections, amount of people, timezones, and more.

Get full statistical insight

All data is collected automatically, linked to all your devices. Access the most important information and get suggestions for improvements.

We help our customers innovate with our automatic catering system.
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