Optimize your delivery service

The Eatcard Rider’s App helps you to provide the best service using smart functions and integrations.

Struggles with riders

Have you ever wondered why it’s taking so long for your riders to come back, whether they have lost an order, or what the complaint was all about? With the Eatcard Riders App, you can easily find out the answers to all your questions, save time on complaint resolution, and thus improve customer service.

Raise your delivery efficiency to new heights

Organise and control your orders in an intuitive overview. Stand out among your competitors for the best delivery service.
Increase your capacities and focus on what matters the most.

Work more efficiently

Get the most out of your takeaway. The Eatcard Rider’s App works best when combined with the following Eatcard modules.

Did you know that all Eatcard applications connect within one ecosystem? Your dashboard will provide you insights and data like you have never seen before.

+ Catch all orders

Catch all orders coming from your delivery partners and own webshop on one screen with the Online Order Management system.

+ Kitchen Display System

Automate the kitchen workflow, and allow your kitchen staff to work more efficiently.

+ Custom Webshop

Start offering takeaway from your own website and stand out among your competitors.

Real-Time GPS Tracking

With real-time GPS tracking, get an insight into the delivery progress. Depending on how close they are to one of your locations, the app will prompt the most nearby rider to pick up the order.

Most efficient route

Each rider gets a rating per order from the customer. The riders are prompted in the order starting from the highest rating. Moreover, if there are multiple orders, the fastest route will be suggested with all the available orders for the rider to pick up.

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37 %

since the start of the
lockdown, meal delivery
grew by no less
than 37%
since 2019

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23 %

meal delivery accounts for
more than €2.7 billion
in 2020
– nearly 23 percent
of the total out-of-home
food and drink market.


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0 %

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the customer
takes the responsibility
for their choice.

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