Optimize occupancy smartly

The benefits of online booking are obvious for the customer. However, a lot of companies
still stick to the traditional, over-the-phone reservations, even though it is much more time-consuming
and requires more human resources to manage and coordinate.

Time to ditch offline bookings

Are you rapidly growing and find it difficult to manage your reservations by yourself anymore? Or just want more time for other important matters? No need to hire more expensive manpower. Our automated system will help you with everything, including:

  • Arranging bookings at any time of the day
  • Centralize all the information in one place
  • Fill in the empty spots in your schedule

Create a unique customer experience

A customer journey starts with making a reservation. We offer a unique
reservation widget for your website that makes your catering facility stand out to guests.

Forget about calling and emailing

Let the software arrange your reservations online and boost your turnover. Reduce your personnel costs, and get more appointments.

Your business always available

Customers can make their bookings at any time of the day, from any device, providing convenience for both sides.

Further optimize occupancy

Fill out every possible table via our AI Smart Fit planner, no more empty seats. Reach your max capacity every day.

Google & Facebook integrations

Guests can arrange their bookings in your restaurant through Google & Facebook, allowing you to cover more of your audience.

Online direct chat

Discuss the reservations with your guests in our built-in online direct chat room. Accessible on all your devices, you save lots of time on calling and emailing. Moreover, you can respond to comments and customer reviews, improving engagement.

Measure your success easier

Compared to offline bookings, which are hard to track and analyze, our online bookings system displays all the information at a glance.
All data is collected automatically, linked to all your devices. Access the most important information and get suggestions for improvements.

With everything linked to the Eatcard platform, you can also access your stats from any device, at any time.


per table

5 min

by allowing people to make online bookings, you save on average 5 minutes per table

see increase

in sales

59 %

over half of the restaurants see an increase in sales after implementing an online bookings system


error rate

0 %

no mistakes in your reservations: the customer takes the responsibility for their choice.

We help our customers innovate with our automatic catering system.
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