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Experiance the ease of using eatcard, and never go back

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One system,
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Eatcard aims to change the way we interact and use technology within Hospitality. By using data and new technology to connect merchants and its patrons.

Reducing our footprint

strengthening our handprint

Working on a better future

“Ever since I was young I had the vision to contribute and help the world to become a better place. It is through my passion and fascination in technology that helped me realize the role and its immense power of technology that can help facilitate the advancement of mankind. Technology that can change in this world we live in, and change the way how we are living now.
Wing Duong, Founder

It’s efficient ordering,
more efficient execution,
a win-win situation

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“The best feature about the QR-Table Order of Eatcard is that you can place an order with multiple devices

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“Last lockdown we set up a takeaway and I trust that it will become even easier with the Eatcard system

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