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Find below the most frequently asked questions concerning the Eatcard system

Questions & Answers

How can Eatcard systems improve the customer experience?

All our systems are connected to each other. This way you easily have access to your information through our platform. With this information you can keep track of all your core operations and work more efficiently than ever. You can help your customers better and optimize your service.  If your customers are happy, they’ll come back, leave good reviews, and tell their friends, family, and social networks about you. Your customers will notice a better experience.

Can I see how the system(s) works?

Yes, we always advice you to make an appointment with us so we can show you how our systems work. This way you can have a better feeling with the software and hardware.

Can I contact the support department after office hours?

Yes, our support department will be standby for you daily till 22:00.

Do you provide Hardware as well?

Yes, we supply you with software, hardware, and connect you to our intuitive platform. For the best experience and results, we always recommend using Eatcard software and Eatcard hardware together.

Will the systems help me to improve my business management?

Eatcard is built on 1 platform, 1 eco system. It’s purpose is to increase efficiency, simplify, and create a common integrated workplace for all hospitality stakeholders. We provide everything you need to optimize and manage your operations flow to get more time and profits.

What type of restaurants can benefit from Eatcard systems?

Practically every restaurant type can easily benefit from using Eatcard systems. It doens’t matter if you are a Snackbar or a fine dining restaurant, we can help you to create the best customer journey for your guests.