A simply brilliant reward system

Set up a digital loyalty program, get your own Loyalty app, and better reward your customers.

Keep your customers coming back

As we know from business literature, it costs on average up to 5 times more to acquire a new customer than to retain one. That is why we focus so much on customer acquisition costs (CAC) and customer lifetime value (CLV).

A loyalty program encourages your customers to choose you over your competitors, thus increasing your market share and turnover.


Convenience for you and your customers

Your guests don’t have to remember to take your savings card everywhere they go. Unlike a physical stamp card, your digital savings system cannot be damaged or lost, as the data is safe and secure on the platform.

Your own branding

Use your own branding and give your loyalty app a unique feel. Our customer care helps you to set up your loyalty program.

Fully integrated system

The loyalty app is connected to the Eatcard platform, so you can access all your information online via the Eatcard dashboard from any device.

Instant updates

Update your own images and content, and it’s online within just a few clicks. No need to send anything over to us and wait days for updates.

Get more sales

Retain your best customers by utilizing one of the most efficient marketing strategies in the industry and do it smartly.

Manage your customers risk-free

The information your customers share with you is stored securely in the backend, so you don’t have to worry about privacy issues.

Geolocation Prompt

The geolocation prompt reminds your customer that they have yet to spend your loyalty points when they are passing by your restaurant. This works with enabled mobile notifications.

Automated system

A digital rewards system is a savings system for your most loyal customers, in which they could exchange points for rewards. You choose the amounts of allocated points and the associated rewards. Our fully digital system automatically collects the points, keeps them on your customers’ accounts, and tracks the points spent.


We help our customers innovate with our automatic catering system.
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