Online takeaway shop on your own website

Eatcard helps you set up your own takeaway so that you can start offering dishes from your website and
keep the revenue to yourself. Stay in control of your takeaway, and be your own boss!

Your own online store

You may be considering getting your own shop because you’re tired of paying high commission costs to your delivery partners. But did you know that having your own store also means:

  • Full access to customer information
  • Improved customer loyalty and retention
  • Personalized communication with customers
  • Complete business autonomy

Only 15 cents per transaction

Create a unique customer journey within your own website.
Stand-out among your competitors, and keep going despite anything.

No technical knowledge needed

Our customer care helps you to set up your takeaway in just a few days.

Order and pay online

We provide all the necessary integrations to ensure a seamless experience.

Sell what you want

Organize fun takeaway campaigns around holidays, advertise and promote without extra costs in your own webshop.

You name a function, we have it

For example, the pre-orders function allows your guests to order from your webshop ahead of time.

Online direct chat

Discuss the orders with your guests in our built-in online direct chat room. Accessible on all your devices, you save lots of time on calling and emailing. Moreover, you can respond to comments and customer reviews, improving engagement.

Measure your success easier

Our online webshop system displays all the information at a glance.
All data is collected automatically, linked to all your devices. Access the most important information and get suggestions for improvements.

With everything linked to the Eatcard platform, you can also access your stats from any device, at any time.

increase in


37 %

since the start of the
lockdown, meal delivery
by no less than
37% since 2019

share of


23 %

meal delivery accounts for
more than €2.7 billion
in 2020
– nearly 23 percent
of the total out-of-home
food and drink market.


the website

70 %

most consumers visit
the restaurant’s website beforehand

We help our customers innovate with our automatic catering system.
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